Lace Choker with Crystal


This cream floral choker necklace is equally stunning worn with a sweater or dressy outfit.

Rare antique lace is set in a round gold pendant. Hangs from a tin cut vintage Czech crystal connector wrapped in 14 karat gold filled wire, on a fine cable chain. 

Limited Edition

The Details:

• American hand cast pewter with brass chain generously plated in 24 karat gold.

• Fabric pendant is topped with a sturdy, scratch-resistant glass cover to protect from dust. 

• Chain length can be adjusted between 14.5 - 16 inches. 

• Pendant circle measures 90mm, slightly larger than an American nickel. 

• Engraved floral design on back of pendant.

The Story

The floral lace in this design comes from an exceptionally beautiful antique handmade piece I received from a collector. 

The Ivory Flower Crystal Choker is part of the Ceci Leibovitz Heritage Collection; this modern day keepsake jewelry with an old world feel incorporates historical textiles, to celebrate a time when many of the items worn and used by families, were made by their own hands. I am always searching for forgotten treasures rescued from dusty attics, vintage warehouse stock and estate sale finds, to give them new life in these dynamic jewelry pieces. 


Follow these guidelines and enjoy your necklace for many years to come. 
• Do not wear while sleeping or in the shower. 
• Store in a small cloth or plastic bag inside your jewelry box while not being worn. 
• Polishing cloth not recommended as it could wear down the gold plating. A baby wipe can occasionally be used to clean the back and sides of the pendant if necessary.   
• Handle pendant by its sides to keep lace clean.

Each jewelry piece is handmade in the Vermont Studio of Ceci Leibovitz. Please allow 2 weeks for your necklace to be custom made for you. 

Treat your jewelry with care and it will be enjoyed for many years to come. Do not sleep or shower with your item and keep it out of the rain. When not wearing it, store it in a small cloth or sealed plastic bag inside your jewelry box. Using a polishing cloth for your pewter jewelry is not recommended, as it will dull the 24 karat gold or sterling silver plating. The solid gold and silver pieces may be polished. 

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