Memory :: Keepsake :: Memorial Jewelry

Do you believe that people and experiences in our lives are more important than anything? That is the inspiration behind Ceci Leibovitz custom memory, keepsake and memorial jewelry. I'm excited to work with your special fabric swatch to create a necklace designed to keep your memories close. I strive to infuse each piece with a sense of style and wonder, in addition to reverence for the materials used. 

:: What are appropriate occasions to have custom memory necklaces made for?
Anything that inspires you! Below are some occasions that can be commemorated through a custom necklace. These are just a few ideas - there are no limitations - I can make a keepsake necklace using any type of fabric you send me, as long as it is fairly lightweight - I've even been asked to make jewelry using a graduation gown swatch. 

1. Wedding Keepsake Necklace - Lace from your mother's, grandmother's or your own wedding dress. The necklace can be worn on your wedding day, or attached to your bridal bouquet and then worn after you are married. This is also a thoughtful bridesmaid or maid of honor gift. In addition it makes a sentimental 13th 'lace' wedding anniversary, Valentine's or birthday present. 

2. Baby Memory Necklace - A swatch of baby clothing to remember your little one's days, when she or he is not so little anymore. This makes a great gift for grandmothers and other family members too. 

3. Memorial Necklace - A swatch of fabric that once belonged to a loved one can bring great comfort in grief and keep the memory of that person close for life. Consider fabric from a tie, embroidered handkerchief, or any article of clothing, or accessory. 

4. Saving a piece of your Favorite Clothing - Send me fabric from a dress you loved but no longer wear because it's too worn out, or something special that doesn't fit anymore, a pretty fabric you want to look at every day... You'll have a unique and one of a kind necklace that nobody else in the world has.

How do I order a necklace or necklaces?

It's easy! Browse my website and look at the different designs available. Some pieces have charms to highlight the fabric, or you can choose a simpler piece that focuses only on your fabric. Once you've decided on a design, add it to your cart, making sure to adjust the quantity if you'd like more than one necklace made. Then send your fabric to me here:
Ceci Leibovitz
P.O Box 207
Craftsbury Common, VT 05827

Note: Your fabric will need to measure at least two inches square for each necklace you would like made.

Care Instructions:
Make sure to keep your necklace out of the rain and do not shower with it. It needs to stay dry. 

Your Ceci Leibovitz necklace is made from solid pewter plated in either 24 karat gold or 925 silver, both with antique finish (chains are a bronze base with the same plating). There is no need to use a polishing cloth on your jewelry piece and this could in fact dull its finish. I use high quality American made components and with proper care, your jewelry will last a lifetime.

About Me, My Process & Inspiration

Hello! I’m Cecilia Leibovitz. I've been artistically inclined most of my life. I spent my high school years as an art major learning to draw, paint and sculpt, during which I was an apprentice to sculptor Greg Wyatt at St. John the Divine Cathedral in New York City. I became a mother at the beginning of my twenties and the act of making art began to fade from my life, as I focused on running a business and raising my children. Then I was accepted to Mount Holyoke College where I majored in literature. After graduating in 2006 I began to self-study embroidery and other textile techniques, and was inspired to enroll in millinery classes at Fashion Institute of Technology. I discovered I loved decorating hats with embroidery and beadwork, but making the hats themselves was not as exciting to me. This eventually led me to shift over to textile jewelry. I'm grateful every day to have come back to art and to have discovered how much I enjoy working with fabric. 

I started making textile jewelry after I received several boxes of antique lace that had been sitting in the attic of my mother-in-law's childhood home. It had belonged to her grandmother. As I looked at the lace I was struck by its beauty and the history behind it. The pieces were small and I wanted them to be seen, so I started making hair accessories, and later necklaces with the lace and my original embroideries.  

In 2018 my partner died after a terrible battle with cancer. As I went through Michael's personal items including clothing, these things reminded me of him, and brought me and our children comfort, making it feel almost as if he was there with us. One day I thought about how great it would be to focus on memory and memorial pieces in my jewelry collection. Creating attractive, artistic pieces that honor people, places and relationships is the mission behind Ceci Leibovitz jewelry.

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